Pooris/Puris – Thin deep fried whole wheat bread


Poori Masala is my idea of comfort food. It perks up a gloomy day and in my mind brings back memories from my childhood of lazy Sunday afternoons lining up in the kitchen with my siblings for the next poori. It is reminiscent of the carefree nature of my youth. Of family time and leaning against appa as he sat satiated from a hearty meal.

Stuff you will need:

Whole wheat flour – 2 cups
Salt – to taste
Sugar – a pinch
Ghee – 3 tsps
Water – as needed
Extra flour
Rolling pin
Flat surface
Oil – Enough to fry

How to make it?

Add the sugar, salt and ghee to the whole wheat flour and mix with your hands till the ghee is dispersed well in the flour. Add water to knead the dough sparingly. You need a tight dough with minimal water to ensure the pooris are not soaking up oil when they fry. Another key is to make the dough and fry the pooris as soon as possible. Resting the dough causes the pooris to soak up oil too.

Heat oil in a shallow frying pan. When the oil is ready, make a small ball of the dough and on a clean flat surface use the rolling pin to roll out a small circle from the dough ball. Slide in oil and turn when it bubbles up and forms a fluffy ball. Remove from oil when golden and stack on a paper tissue lined vessel.

Serve hot with potato masala or even plain old tomato ketchup.

Makes 12 small pooris

Special Notes:

Pooris make excellent finger food. They are ideal for picnics and long journeys. They keep well and can be had with pickle for train journeys.


6 thoughts on “Pooris/Puris – Thin deep fried whole wheat bread

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  2. Poori-bhaji…I am drooling..its an instant perk up dish isn’t it..?I always wonder how deep-fried goodies make us feel so happy and content..!!Lovely pictorial too..!!

  3. Wish fried stuff was declared healthy..i wud have ate these sinful wonders day in and day out…i simply love the puffed ones and can have it with almost every veggie or dal or even with papad or with just simple adrak waali chai……such a comfort food!

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