Masala Chappathi/Paratha – A twist to the regular roti.


I love parathas. Specially when I don’t make them. 🙂 After a hectic Saturday filled with friends and family, I was not keen on standing in the kitchen for a long time. Scanning my shelf that contained cook books, I extracted Mallika Badrinath’s 100 Tiffin ideas. Thumbing through the chappathi section I saw this recipe for Masala chappathi that involved a lot of different spice powders mixed in with wheat flour and made into a dough with milk and thick curds. Intrigued I set out to make my version of these masala chappathis.

Following a nudge from Srivalli of Cooking 4 all seasons, I would like to submit this as an entry for the Roti Mela event she is hosting.

Stuff you will need:

2 cups – whole wheat atta (Whole wheat flour or Durum wheat flour)
Paratha masala – 2 tsp (Available in Indian groceries. Can be substituted with a mix of cumin/coriander/red chili/sea salt powders.)
Kasuri methi – 2 tsp (Dried and crushed fenugreek leaves)
Ghee – 3 tsp
Salt – to taste
Sugar – to taste
Thick curds – 1/2 cup
Warm Milk – 1/2 cup

How to make it?

To the atta, add the dry ingredients and the ghee. Work the flour till the ghee is all mixed in. Now add the curds and the milk and knead till you have a firm soft dough. Rest covered for 30 minutes. Knead again and let rest till ready to roll out the dough.

When ready, make equal sized balls of the dough (I get approx 8 – 10 for the measure of atta I use). Using a rolling pin and a flat surface, roll out the dough using a scoop of atta to flour the surface if the dough sticks. The key is to roll out the dough in a circle and get it as thin as possible. Once done, transfer to a heated flat pan and cook on medium high heat constantly turning the chappathi till both sides are well cooked. Store in a casserole to keep warm till ready to eat.

Serves two

Special notes:

I only add ghee while making the dough. Some people like to make the dough sans ghee but smear ghee once the chappathi is done. Both works well. These can be had with pickle and curds or with dhal as my husband prefers it.


15 thoughts on “Masala Chappathi/Paratha – A twist to the regular roti.

  1. wow the paratha looks mouthwatring yummmmmmmmy… I’ll try this for my hubby lunch box thank u for this wonderful recipe

  2. @Swati: Thanks for stopping by. It definitely is a nice twist to the regular roti.
    @Uma: Thank you!
    @Vani: I like to eat it as is. Rolled up with pickle 🙂
    @Srivalli: Thanks! I sent it following your suggestion.
    @Hetal: Yes it sure is. Thanks!
    @Sridevi: Try it and let me know!
    @Jayashree: I like her recipes but some of them have too much of garlic for my taste.
    @Vanamala: Please do and let me know how it comes out.
    @Ranji: Thank you! Simple dhal rocks!

  3. OhMY! I had no idea you had a whole new blog here! ..and I commented imagining it’s your regular blog 😀

    Nice place, goody 🙂

  4. @Madhu: It was. Try it. Am sure you will like it.
    @rads: Thank you!! Coming from you. High praise indeed 🙂

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