Maggi – not really 2 minutes but definitely tasty!


Weekends are usually times when I like to indulge in making breakfast of some kind. Not really healthy or quick. So, today I started out thinking I will make upma but quickly found I was out of every ingredient I could use to make upma. Scanning my pantry I found a pack of tomato maggi.

Growing up maggi was my comfort food of sorts. Not high nutritionally it definitely tingled my taste buds and was everything rice rasam sambar was not. Over the years I have graduated from making maggi as instructed on the pack to customizing it with veggies and other tasty add ons.

Stuff you will need:

1 pack Maggi noodles (Found in Indian grocers)
1 carrot – cubed
Green peas and  Corn – 1/2 cup together
Green beans – a handful french cut into 1″ bits
1/2 Green pepper – cut in 1″ bits
1/2 Red pepper – cut in 1″ bits
Onions – sliced and cut into 1/2″ bits
Green chillies – 1-2 slit and sliced
Coriander leaves – washed, minced  to garnish

How to make it?

Heat a little oil, temper a little bit of jeera, add onion, ginger and green chillies. Just as they brown add cut veggies. Saute them till they are half cooked, add a dash of salt, water and the taste maker. Once the mixture just starts to boil, add the pack of noodles and cook al dente.

Garnish with coriander and stir in a spoon of tomato ketchup. The end result is fabulously colorful and definitely yummy. Takes more than 2 mins though!

Serves two

Special Notes:

Any flavor of Maggi works but I love the Masala tastemaker best.


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