Mix and match pasta


I make this whenever I am in the mood to take home made food but do not have the energy to make proper desi food. This happened Friday when I got up late and had to run to work but the cold outside did not seem appealing for a lunch outside.

Stuff you will need:

Whole wheat pasta – 4 handfuls (Got mine from Sam’s club)
Marinara or any tomato based sauce – 1 tbsp
Red pepper spread – 1 tbsp (available at Trader Joe’s)
Coriander chutney – 1 tsp (Available at Indian grocers)
Ginger Garlic pickle – 1 tsp (Available at Indian grocers)
Parmesan cheese – per individual choice
Olive oil – to saute
Cumin seeds – to season
Onion – julienned
Ginger – shredded
Green and Red peppers – julienned
Carrots – julienned
1/4 cup each of green peas and corn
Coriander leaves – minced

How to make it?

Heat water till it comes to a boil. Add salt, a drizzle of oil and the pasta. Cook al dente. Drain and wash in cold water to separate. Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil, add cumin seeds and wait till they brown. Add cut onion, ginger,  green pepper or red peppers, carrots, peas, corn and any other veggie you like in it. Saute till they are half done. Add all of the above and wait till they mix well. Add salt to taste and mix. Add the cooked pasta. Lower flame, fold it in and switch off. Garnish with coriander leaves.

The result is a great tasting, colorful, loaded with veggies dish that serves as a filling lunch or dinner option.

Serves two

Special Notes:

Easy to make, no fuss, tasty food.


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